We can produce many styles of Name Badges.

Name badges in your office or place of business, consider some reasons why you may want to start using name badges around your workplace:

  • Name tags encourage more communication since customers can talk to an employee without the fear of calling them by the wrong name.
  • Staff name badges provide for a friendly atmosphere – everyone has a name to go with the face.
  • With large groups it can cut down on the time needed to learn everyone’s name.
  • Staff name badges can identify a person’s position within the company, so customers can find the person they need to deal with.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you may wish to consider using name badges. Choose from a range of colours, styles and fasteners to create your own unique name badge.

To discuss your options feel free to give us a call today: 01425 471537.

Name Badges:
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